Creating your own missions

You are very welcome to help sending the dragons around the world. On the Dragons page you can download mission files, and create you own missions in your city.

Once you have downloaded the mission files unzip them and use the Ingress Mission Creator Tool to create your own mission to catch the dragon.

The zip file includes mission description, that you should use in the description field, to make sure your missions will be approved. However there are no guarantee.

Also included in the zip file, there are a a word file, that describes the the dragon. The dragon name and the story about it. Feel free to use that on social media platforms to attract players.

Large dragons will be availale the month after they are relased in Aalborg East in Denmark. Smaller dragons will be release right away.

When you have a new approved mission-set of a dragon, we will appriciate, you will post the banner on our Telegram group. We have a plan of making a map, so we can track all the dragons, when they fly out over the hole world.

Thanks again for your contribution. Your help is very appriciated.