East End Fantasy is a collection of 12 dragons, that you can collect by coming back to the east end of Aalborg in Denmark every month. Banner will be available from the 1. In the month and 2 days into the coming month.

The banner is a collection of 36 mission. The banner is about 12 km. and will be friendly for wheelchair users. The banner is deleted and not maintained, and is taken down in the beginning of the following month. A new banner will be approved up to the beginning of the month. There will be a little uncertainty about when the banner will be available the first time. In case of delay, the old banner will stay up until the new banner is available. If the missions starts with “Even”, its an even month banner (February, Arpil, June, August, October, December). If the missions starts with “Odd”, its an odd month banner (January, March, May, July, September, November). Sorting missions by “Name” will ensure you select the right missions as you go.

Warning: Don’t start up the banner if you don’t have plans of completing it before the offline date!!!